Dear our valued customers,

SONG LONG POTTERY is a manufacturer of wide range of handicraft products from the South of Viet Nam. We basically supply customers with high quality of Terracotta, Stoneware glazed, Earthernware, Zinc and Polystone products. 

Factory song long pottery Binh Duong
Factory song long pottery Binh Duong

In order to satisfy any high demand of international customers and maintain our credibility, we have a strong set commitment.

      + High Quality
      + Competitive price
      + On time delivery
      + Unceasing innovation

Our mission is to serve you, our valued customers in a way that far exceeds your expectations, we sincerely desire to provide a wide choice of various items at the best possible service.

      We always study the new trend of the world to bring new ranges/designs to our customers every year. We are now suppling both market items and design items to our customers. We are welcome every customer to contact us for any query regarding our products ranges.

        Having long experience in this business our company can supply all goods to serve for home and garden and we can offer the competitive prices to your company. We do understand that all customers are always looking for good prices & best quality.

       Just contact us and you will find the right products you need.

Yours faithfully,